Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 12th, 2012

We all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Every October since 1985- when the month was designated for Breast Cancer Awareness- we have seen men and women wear their pink shirts, hats, pins etc., in honor of loved ones lost to this terrible disease, or in honor of all the survivors. But what we really need to remember is what this month is actually about; we are all guilty of being so busy with work, school, or hobbies that sometimes we “forget” to do our monthly self- exams (in the shower is an easy place to do it) and yearly mammograms. It is so important we take care of ourselves and urge other women we know to do the same! Especially if you know someone who has put it off for a few years. And ladies, it is OK to examine your men too. Did you know men can get breast cancer?
Here is a link to a good self-exam  from the Susan Kormen website.
A recent article in Health magazine stated,

“Four top ways to avoid breast cancer are to lose weight, exercise, drink less and quit smoking.”

Even breastfeeding helps prevent breast cancer, for you and for the children you nurse! Do research of your own and discover all the ways you can lessen your chances of getting breast cancer. There is lots of great information available on the Web or at your local library.
This month, we want to especially remember all of those we have lost to breast cancer and also the survivors that have impacted our lives so much at the Permanent Cosmetic Studio. We want to thank them for trusting us to change their lives and make it better by working on them. Being able to recreate the womanly beauty that was lost to surgery is an amazing gift we give the cancer survivors who come to us for areola pigmentation and other procedures that restore their self-confidence as they recover from their battle against breast cancer.
Please remember beauty comes in all different races, sizes, and shapes.



Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Be well!

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Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional and Member, Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals