Products every women should use…

June 12th, 2012


Here is a few products I believe everyone should have!!


1. Glycolic facial wash creamy. Use as a mini exfoliation two times a week, put on skin dry and leave on 10 minutes. rinse.

                                                  ” I use MD formulations Forte III glycolic cleanser”

2. Rejuvenating facial lotion. Should be used two times a week at bedtime.

                                                   ” I use MD formulations Forte III skin rejuvenation lotion”

(You may get a little flaking redness; that’s good! We are trying to keep the skin perky; redness means stimulation!!)

3. Eye area- really needs a exfoliation and stimulation.

                                                 “I use MD formulations eye rejuvenation creme”

Use two times a week for six weeks; a little goes a long way, then increase to three times a week; your skin may get dry and flaky but remember under the skin you see is the skin you WANT!



So to get the moist beautiful skin you want you have to exfoliate all the dead skin off that can not be hydrated or moistened. Skin is easy, you just have to be consistent and stimulate, exfoliate, and hydrate. Acne hormonal and oily skin needs professional treatments and skin care from their professional specific to their needs.


4. Retinol/Sunblock- it’s just this simple. If you want beautiful, even toned, smooth skin you have to protect your skin EVERYDAY from the damaging rays of the sun.

“I use La Roche Posay SPF 30″

There is a SEA of sunblock on the market today. Almost every face moisturizer has at least an SPF 15; that’s great! Your foundation may also have it and the mineral powders all have SPF.



I love:


oily skin- dermatologica  oil free matte SPF (this product is amazing it has micro sponges to absorb oil)

eye area- everyday I wouldn’t be without these!

- dermatologica  total eye care SPF 15 (can use so close to the eye has titanium dioxide as sunblock; helps brighten dark circles)

- LaRoche Posay- tint/no tint very hydrating, light cover, tinted one is a universal tint.










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